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Future & Alleged Baby Momma Will Head To Court To Determine Paternity: Report

Eliza Seraphin claims Future is the father of her son but the rappe vehemently denies this.

‘s  with on the Legendary Nights tour but he has some other issues to deal with right now. Now, Future’s baby mama drama constantly surfaces onto the headlines, despite his attempts to keep his personal life under wraps. Over the past few months, Eliza Reign’s accused Future of being the father of her child and refusing to take responsibility. As Future’s denied the claim, he’s heading to court with Reign to determine the paternity of the child.

According to The Blast, Future’s motion to take Eliza Reign in court has been granted by a judge. The two are scheduled for a hearing on November 8th. At the hearing, the judge will also determine whether . Shortly after she took to Instagram to air out allegations about Future, he demanded the judge place a gag order against her so she wouldn’t continue to speak on him publicly. He claimed that her accusations are damaging to his reputation and career.

Seraphin sued for Future for paternity, child support and custody. She’s made claims that Future urged her to get an abortion and had people sent to her house when she refused. Future’s denied that he’s the father of the child.

Perhaps they could take the case and determine the paternity on Maury. Just a thought. 

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