Future Leaks "All Bad" With Lil Uzi Vert From "High Off Life"

Future takes matters into his own hands and offers up a leak from his album “High Off Life.”

Nowadays, music doesn’t leak too often– unless your name is of course– but sometimes gets hit with the leak too. However, not today. Today, Future is taking matters into his own hands before anyone has a chance to drop an early leak a record off his new album, High Off Life, which arrives at Midnight.

The album is slated to feature a who’s who of rappers, namely, Drake, , , and . The leaked song happens to be the Uzi collab, “All Bad.” Don’t get excited too quickly– you have to put in work to find this leak (or, you can just search twitter where it’s inevitably wound up). However if you want to have some fun, Future has set up a website scavenger hunt of sorts, with a website that leads to many different URLS. It’s up to you to find the correct URL to stream the leak. A grey screen provides a list of 149 possible URLs, and as you click through you will see messages like, “No Music Here.”

Future Leaks "All Bad" With Lil Uzi Vert From "High Off Life"

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You can check the website link in Future’s tweet below or click here. Let us know if you find the song, what you think of it.

Check back with us at Midnight for the full album stream of High Off Life. In the meantime, Future’s been engaged in some  6ix9ine and all his baby mamas.

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