Future Once Again Deletes All His Instagram Posts

Ah, the Instagram purge, better known as a digital equivalent to a colon cleanse. Perfect for those seeking a fresh start. Used to great efficiency by those in and around the hip-hop community, often to signal big things to come; a “calm before the storm,” as it were. Today, Future has once again employed the tactic, for the second time in four months. The “Mask Off” rapper originally cleared his IG page back in January, which fueled speculation of an impending release.

The speculation proved half-true; while news of a solo album never quite emerged, we did eventually receive a collaborative mixtape from DJ Esco & Future. Granted, it’s difficult to discern whether the two were actually connected, but we like to believe they are. With that in mind, perhaps we’re on the verge of another drop from the man Post Malone once dubbed “Trap Jesus.” Speaking of which, that would be a great album name, would it not?

Perhaps this is simply baseless speculation after all, and Future simply grew tired of his expanding page. After all, some much prefer the minimalist look. Still, the fact remains that these types of moves always attract attention, and he definitely knows that. These moves are seldom random, and Future strikes me as a calculated individual. Keep an eye out for any news of an impending Future release; the game could always benefit from some new Hndrxx.

Future Once Again Deletes All His Instagram Posts


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