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Future’s "#BIGMOOD" IG Photo Garners Criticisms & Accusations Of Perpetuating Stereotypes

The young children playing in stacks of money was supposed to be a light-hearted post.

Rapper is letting the world know that his children are all about that Rich Kids Life by sharing a new photo on his Instagram Story. The 35-year-old father of five took to social media on Monday to post a photo of two boys  as they sat in strewn about stacks of bills, all $20s or $50s. One child’s face is half-hidden from the camera while the other holds one stack of cash to his ear as he pressed another to his face. Future captioned the photo with the hashtag “#BIGMOOD.”

However, there were many people who criticized the image, including legendary rapper DJ Quik who commented: “That’s not cool.” According to scrutinizers, the photo was “tacky” and perpetuated a “stereotype.” Of course, there were people  into the mix, as her happy marriage is often the point of ridicule for the rapper. ” leveled up,” one person commented on the shared photo.

Meanwhile, Future is rumored to be the father of a She says that when she told the rapper that she was expecting her child, . When she refused, she claims he threatened her. If her allegations are true, that would mean that Future has six children with six women.

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