Fyre Festival Star Andy King Going On Tour

Andy King went viral after his role in the Fyre Festival Netflix documentary, now he’s going on tour to share his story and raise awareness for sustainability.

Andy King was the  of the Fyre Festival documentary that dropped on Netflix last year. His loyalty to the festival and his boss, Billy McFarland, was hilarious but also well-received by audiences. The documentary was already going to be huge on social media, but Andy discussing what he almost did in order to secure some water bottles put it over the edge. 

The sincerity in which King commented on the situation had him go viral, but not necessarily for the . Recently, Andy King announced that he would be using his new-found “fame” to hold tour dates. In an aptly titled “Fyre-side Chats with Andy King” series, King will be touring from city to city sharing his story with audiences, while also conducting Q&A’s at every location. Like many of the others that were working on the Fyre Festival, he wasn’t proud of the way things turned out, however, he is now hoping to leverage that low point of his career into something much more important. 

King also plans to launch a production sustainability initiative, which would help give more opportunities for future generations. If you thought the Fyre Festival was done… you were right, but Andy King won’t let us forget without trying to make something good out of it. 

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