G-Eazy's Arrest Prompted By Fan Who Wanted Pictures: Report

Dealing with the pressures of adoring fans can be tricky for any celebrity, a lesson that G-Eazy has had to learn the hard way. 

Yesterday, it was reported that G-Eazy had been arrested outside of a Swedish nightclub for taking a swing at a security guard. The police then found some cocaine in his possession, making things even worse for the rapper.

Now some new details regarding the incident have been revealed. A source from Solidaritet nightclub in Stockholm, where G-Eazy was arrested, tells TMZ that the brawl was sparked by a fan who was looking to get a picture with G Eazy. G Eazy and his crew, which included his girlfriend, Halsey, and Sean Kingston, were partying in the VIP room of the club, refused the fan who, after some persistence, eventually gave up.

However, the fan reportedly return again five minutes later and started taking pictures anyway, leading to one of G-Eazy’s crew members smashing the fan’s phone on the ground. This inevitably led to a fight, with G-Eazy punching one of the club’s security guards, resulting in his arrest of suspicion of assault, possession of narcotics, and use of narcotics. 

G-Eazy is reportedly still locked up for the moment, until he is able to see a judge at some point today. 

G-Eazy may have learned a powerful lesson this week about how to deal with annoying fans, but hopefully his punishment wont be severe. We’ll keep you updated with any reports on his case. In the meantime, it’s #FREEG-EAZY.



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