G Herbo Gives In & Agrees To Star In Taina Williams’ TikTok Watch

G Herbo had a small part in his girlfriend Taina Williams’ recent TikTok video, after finally agreeing to participate in one with her.

 was forced to fulfill his boyfriend duties recently after , had finally convinced him to star in one of her TikTok videos. Ever since the popular video app started blowing up, couples everywhere have been finding creative ways to join in on trends and make their own original content together. However, some prove to be more willing participants than others, which appears to have been the case in Taina and Herbo’s joint TikTok. On Saturday, Herbo posted a video on Instagram of him and Taina, indicating that this was “THE ONLY TIK TOK I TOLD HER ILL DO WITH HER.”

Ever the multi-tasker, Herbo was able to play his video games while also participating in Taina’s Tiktok. The video in question borrowed an “original sound” that appears to be a woman explaining that her man will “beat one of y’all hoes up for me.” Herbo has one brief, indistinctive line in the background, but it still counts as participating, as far as he’s concerned.

G Herbo Gives In & Agrees To Star In Taina Williams' TikTok  WatchPrince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Herbo’s not the only rapper boyfriend that was reluctant to immerse himself into the TikTok world alongside his GF. Back in March,  However, according to some cryptic tweets from Ari,  Perhaps Herbo has unlocked the secret to a good relationship after all: do a TikTok with her every once in a while, just to keep her happy.

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