G Herbo & His Baby Boy Are Running From The Feds In Adorable Video

“What y’all think we stole???”

Is there anything cuter than babies trying to run fast and failing? proved that there, indeed, is not when he posted an Instagram video on Monday of he and his son, Yosohn, running down what appears to be a hotel hallway. Throughout the heartwarming video, he encourages Yosohn to keep up with him, ending with the child running into his daddy’s arms. G Herbo joked about the two of them robbing the place in his caption by asking his followers: “WHAT YALL THINK WE STOLE???” He also laughs about his son’s “two left feet just like his daddy,” which he points out is a good thing because it means he won’t be “standing on corners” like Herbo. This father-son moment is too adorable, and Herbo’s followers are melting at the wholesomeness. Many users mirrored Herbo’s use of the  “😭” emojis to try to capture the overwhelming cuteness.

, and her family, which includes Taina’s mother Emily Bustamente and her step-father, rapper , who revealed that he and Emily consider Herbo to be part of the family. Between his relationship with his son and his girlfriend and her family, it looks like Herbo is surrounded by love these days.

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