Garage Visits: Get Familiar With Race Service’s Hispanic Content Creators and the New Toyota GR Corolla


Race Service has also featured Toyota cars in some of its video creations, so the synergies between Toyota, RS and its content creators have come organically. Professional drifter Ryan Tuerck who is a partner at RS and drives a Toyota GR Corolla in the U.S. Formula Drift series, created one of the platform’s most-watched videos alongside Uriostegui. Tuerck expertly drove his Toyota Gumout GT4586 build on a challenging public road in Portland – the video has garnered almost 22 million views on YouTube. Tuerck puts a lot of trust on RS’ content creators and praises them for their ambitious concepts. “There’s a lot to say about the creative team here,” Tuerck says. “It’s just that they’re all very professional and extremely talented. They understand motorsports and how things are supposed to be shot and come together. I have the utmost confidence that they’re going to put together the best piece of content that we’re out there to shoot. Carlos and Jorge we just kind of understand and get each other and there doesn’t have to be much communication involved to really get the point across in what we’re trying to accomplish.”

Race Service has already established itself as a premier car content creator. It’s also a fashion brand, event space and cultural connector. Most importantly, RS is described by those in-the-know as a hub, where auto enthusiasts can meet, create, collaborate and share things that go even beyond the world of cars. The future also looks promising for the automotive platform and looks to grow the brand through more partnerships and adding in more exceptional talent like Uriostegui and Ramos. “Race Service, starting as an automotive car culture hub and creative agency, has now grown into a global brand,” Uriostegui explains. “It’s a brand that leverages our identity, style, and partnerships with other brands (in other industries such as fashion, media, art, music, etc.). This part of RS is huge and exciting to watch as it grows into the future.”

For more information about Race Service head on to raceservice.la and for more information on the new Toyota GR Corolla, visit toyota.com/grcorolla.

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