Get Ready For Sydmac “Out The Hood”

The Brooklyn-based rapper, Sydmac just released his new single, “Out the Hood.” Armed with a voice reminiscent of Camp-era Childish Gambino, the fierceness of his flow is perfectly counteracted by the chill flute-filled beat, bringing together a perfect harmony. With lyrics about hustling to get out of the hood, the track feels like a true hip-hop anthem for the fans of the genre.

Sydmac is a promising new voice in hip-hop, displaying his fresh sounds for the world to see. His first album Before the Dream and hit singles such as “eyeing me” is an accurate depiction of what an artist from New York can do.

The artist is more than just a rapper; he is also a songwriter and producer of his own music. His lyrics reflect the dedication and authenticity of experiences in his own life. His true-to-roots storytelling flair has helped him create a lasting bond with his fans.

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