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Ginuwine's MS Paint Beard Sparks Twitter Uproar

Joe Budden will get dragged into Ginuwine’s newest beard-gaffe.

nonetheless offers folks born previous to 1984 a lot to flutter over. But exceptions do apply, particularly with the remainder of Internet dwelling shut behind. Just yesterday, Ginuwine premiered his caked-on beard to the Instagram lots, unbeknownst to the ripple impact it could engender throughout all of the platforms. The authentic submit lies intact, with Ginuwine celebrating 21 years of R&B servitude with a memento to himself and his followers: “We getting there okay,” he opined, earlier than opening up the floodgates to on-line harassment.

Twitter customers ignored his milestone second, focusing as a substitute on his ethereal beard; one consumer, particularly, in contrast his facial hair to a reminiscence foam bathtub mat. The punnier commenters had been most involved with drawing irony out of his title: Ginuwine=Genuine, and the presence of adhesives protecting his beard in place.

Other commenters barely acknowledged Ginuwine in his new “beard masks,” conjuring up a idea that he and had morphed into one being. The picture does bear an uncanny resemblance to a hypothetical experiment the place a mad scientist transmutates Budden and Ginuwine right into a Frankenstein-like character with blended traits. Ginuwine has since deleted his beard from existence, with no bearing on the current dialogue going down in Twitterverse and past.

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