GloRilla Hilariously Claps Back At Lil Duval’s “Marry F*ck Kill” Tweet

Lil Duval recently took to social media, giving his Twitter followers a questionable prompt. “Out of Sukihana, [Sexyy Red], and glorilla,” he began, “Marry f*ck kill.” For obvious reasons, the 46-year-old’s question raised some eyebrows. It looks like GloRilla wasn’t a fan of the Tweet, as she took it upon herself to respond. “Granddad why you worrying about dese young hoes p*ssy ?????” she asked the comedian. Fans appear to have loved the 24-year-old’s clap back, sounding off in the comments section.

“EXACTLY,” one Instagram commenter says. “I don’t know why middle aged men be thinking their childish behavior is cute. Go take your vitamins sir.” Another adds, “These old dudes love talkin about young women.” Various additional commenters weighed in on the comedian’s decision to comment on younger women in rap, while others took the opportunity to bring up some of his previous questionable posts. Earlier this year, some of Lil Duval’s old Tweets started to make their way around the internet, leaving supporters in shock.

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GloRilla Calls Lil Duval “Granddad,” Asks Him Why He’s Worried About Younger Women

He made several disturbing statements about his own child, assault, and more. “Whenever my daughter period starts that’s when I’m gon be the first dude to dog her out,” he wrote about his teenage daughter. The Tweets in question were written between the years 2010 and 2012, and sparked a great deal of controversy when they resurfaced for obvious reasons. He had posted some additional suggestive Tweets about his daughter, as well as some troubling comments about sexual assault.

Though most fans found GloRilla’s response to be appropriate, others weren’t feeling it. Some are arguing that the comedian has the right to weigh in on whoever he wants, so long as they’re of age. With that being said, many are finding it difficult to separate him from the disturbing Tweets, making the “Marry f*ck kill” prompt appear all the more concerning.

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