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“Go Home” by Chace Freeman

Chace Freeman recently released a awesome track titled “Go Home”, offering crafty sounds to fans of the genre, and reinforcing his presence in the Hip-Hop scene.

“Go Home” is made of late-night cruising instrumentals, and great vocal deliveries by Chace Freeman, who seems to effortlessly layer his flow atop this greatly designed sonic structure.

The smooth vibe and flowing lyrics come together harmoniously to deliver one of the coolest releases we’ve heard in a while, and gives us a privileged glimpse at the life of an ordinary man who makes everything but ordinary music!

With “Go Home”, Chace Freeman proves his consistency, determination, and musical vision in the clearest possible ways. Over the years, he has built a solid reputation of a fearless and innovative artist who fuses various urban sub-genres into his own signature sound.

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