GoldLink Speaks On His Controversial Mac Miller IG Post

Goldlink stands by his Mac Miller tribute.

Yesterday, sent the game into a fervor upon publication of a controversial tribute. Explaining that he and Mac occasionally nursed a complicated relationship, GoldLink’s message was immediately perceieved as disrespectful toward the late rapper. It got so bad that  accusing Link of having a “God Complex” among other dubious qualities. Now, GoldLink has addressed the post for the first time since its publication, during a recent show in Hamburg captured by an r/hiphopheads user

“Without Mac Miller, there would be no GoldLink,” begins the rapper, addressing the crowd. “The first person to ever look my way was . The second was , and the third was Mac muthafuckin’ Miller. Let me tell you something. I’ma be the sacrifice for everybody in this shit right now. You say whatever the fuck you want, and you don’t have to explain yourself for no muthafuckin’ body. You can’t talk about n**as you don’t know, so we not worried about n***as we don’t know.”

“The whole post I made about Mac Miller was about love,” he reveals. “N***as can actually be brothers. It wasn’t about stealing. I never used the word copy. I never used the word steal. The thing is, Mac Miller wrote all of Divine Feminine. That was a great album. The fact that he made a n***a a cake was one of the most heartwarming shits when you’re a young n***a in the game. What rapper makes other rappers cakes? That’s the cutest shit. That’s some cute boyfriend-girlfriend shit we was doing.”

“That’s one of the realest n***as I ever met,” he continues. “So I don’t give a fuck what nobody say. But if anybody got anything to say, suck my big black dick from behind my ass cheeks.” Check out the clip below, and sound off – are you surprised at GoldLink’s defiant stance?

Goldlink on the Instagram post from r/hiphopheads

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