GregR&B Is Explicitly Charming In Latest Release, “Cuddle Moves”

“I’m looking forward to hitting the top of the billboard charts along with bringing the element of love back to the music scene.” Well said, GregR&B, well said. From Rochester, New York, GregR&B gifts his fans another phenomenal release, “Cuddle Moves.” When his mother introduced him to music through church choir at the age of 11, he realized his love for music and pursued it with great vigor and passion. The R&B genre is where he shines the brightest and where he deploys his wings to produce magic. From his latest LP, Love Again, “Cuddle Moves” is an excellent example of his commitment to R&B music. 

A lot of energy has been poured into the production of this song. “Cuddle Moves” is exactly what its name implies. While listening to it, you want to cuddle with your partner, enjoy their warm embrace, and perhaps enjoy a hot drink during a cold winter night under a warm blanket. Hard work and dedication are crucial to success, and without a doubt, the artist poured his heart and soul into the production of this delicate release.

For now, enjoy “Cuddle Moves,” and don’t forget to check out the artist’s socials: Instagram Spotify Youtube 


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