Grimes Launches AI Software That Allows Anyone To Insert Her Voice Into Music


Amid the trend of fans using AI to create songs with famous singers’ voices, Grimes told fans that anyone is welcome to use her voice in a track and she’ll even split the royalties with them

A week later, the electronic artist has stayed true to her word, making it even easier for her voice to be added into music. Grimes has debuted Elf.Tech, an open-source software program solely dedicated to replicating her voice.

Currently in the beta phase, there have already been 15,000 voice transformations created using Elf.Tech. The software is powered by Triniti, a generative AI model dedicated solely to creating and distributing music.

The way the program works is fairly straightforward: a user inputs a recording of them singing, and the software churns out a rendition of the lyrics in Grimes’ voice.

If a fan chooses to distribute the song online, the same deal previously offered still stands. Grimes will lend her vocal likeness in exchange for 50% of the master recording royalties.

Along with debuting the software, Grimes has said that she’ll be releasing two new songs of her own sometime soon, the aptly-titled “Music for Machines” and “I Wanna Be Software.”

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