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Gucci Mane Insists He Still Has The Best "First Day Out" Track

His 2009 one.

Yesterday, JT of City Girls was released from jail after serving a little over twelve months for credit card fraud. She celebrated her return home in the most suitable way possible: by releasing a “First Day Out” track.  

The “First Day Out” genre was invented by Gucci Mane in 2009. He was in-and-out of jail for a while and when he dropped that freestyle, the world shook. In The Autobiography of , details the reactions from his friends when he stepped out of the booth after recording it:

“When I exited the booth every person in the studio had their eyes on me, looking bewildered. [] had goosebumps. [DJ Holiday] looked like he just watched me walk on water. It was like I’d just spit the hardest shit these people had ever heard in their lives. I loved it… Making that song is one of those moments I’ll always remember.“ 

Since Guwop spit that ruthless verse, it has become customary for rappers to drop a track moments after being released from jail. The songs are often venomous, making a statement that the artist is hungry and ready to reclaim their spot among the hottest in the game. This tradition has been notably observed by (2013), Tee Grizzley (2016), (2017), (2017) and Gucci again (2016). 

All these tracks are great in their own right, but Gucci has claimed that his 2009 “First Day Out” that started the wave still deserves to be ranked as the greatest. Not only does he think it currently holds this title, but he has insinuated that it always will by reposting a meme that declares, “No one will ever top Gucci’s “First Day Out.” This seems like a rather uncontroversial take but sound off below if you think otherwise. 

. Listen to his single with Megan Thee Stallion . 

G1000 – Being Shot

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