Gunna’s Goes All-Out With New Horoscope Service

Gunna gives fans hope with his brand new horoscope service on Instagram.

With the release of his brand new album WUNNA, Atlanta rapper also introduced the world to his alter-ego. Clearly, the recording artist is a fan of astrology,  in recent weeks. On his alternate @wunna page on Instagram, the rapper has been sharing weekly horoscopes for his fans to read and enjoy, dropping the most recent ones this afternoon.

Whether you’re a Cancer, a Sagittarius, an Aries, a Leo, a Capricorn, or any other sign, Gunna is helping you out with some much-needed motivation to get you through the day. Some of these are spot-on and truly hilarious. 

If you’re a Libra, Gunna has the following message: “The brokest folks are usually the loudest in the room. Broke is a low frequency vibration of lack and desperation. Desperation brings out the worst in folks, not the best.” Words of wisdom right there.

For Cancer: “Sometimes a gansta needs a hug. And sometimes when you’re searching for love, you find lust. It be like that sometime, but there’s no L’s in life if you learned a lesson.”

Damn, Gunna is really coming through. Clearly, he’s more connected to the universe and the stars than we all knew.

Be sure to give his new album WUNNA a spin and let us know what your horoscope says.

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