Gunplay Shares Parenting Advice For Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s been a busy guy as of lately. While fans have been eagerly waiting for Astroworld, the rapper’s been locking in a lot of studio time in order to complete it to his liking. In the midst of working on his third studio album, the rapper became a father to Kylie Jenner’s child. The two of them are relatively young to be parents, but that’s not to say they aren’t prepared in any way. However, focusing on raising a child and managing your career can be difficult to balance. Gunplay recently shared some advice he has for Travis Scott and being a new parent.

Gunplay recently sat down with XXL’s for their series, “Views,” where he discussed fatherhood in the rap game. The rapper shared some key parenting advice for Travis Scott during his time on the show.

“My advice to Travis Scott on being a new dad is just enjoy it, man.” He said, “Enjoy it like, it’s dope. Don’t miss no shit, ’cause that’s, trust me, I’ve missed a lot of shit, you know what I’m saying? Don’t miss shit, man. Them lil mothafuckas is the dopest mothafuckas. I’m telling you dawg, trust me.”

Later on in the episode, the rapper also chimed in about fatherhood in hip hop. The rapper credits DJ Khaled as someone who’s constantly celebrating his seed.

Peep the full interview

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