Halle Reaches New Heights Of Love With Her Ballad, ‘In Your Hands’

Halle is back and stronger than ever. Earlier this year, the remarkably talented multihyphenate revealed she gave birth to a baby son with her longtime partner, rapper DDG. She’s also been teasing new solo music, as she and her sister, Chlöe, have been working on new material — both as a duo and as solo acts. Tonight (March 15), Halle shared her new single, “In Your Hands.”

On “In Your Hands,” Halle waxes romantic, as she feels empowered when her love holds her. Fully aware of the power she possesses, Halle warns him not to fumble her, as this type of love only comes once in a lifetime.

“In your hands, in your hands / The world is yours when I’m in it / In your hands, in your hands / You can’t let go or you’ll lose your chance / ‘Cause after me, you’ll never fall in love again,” she sings on the song’s chorus.

In the song’s accompanying video, Halle is seen in the ocean, moving effortlessly through the water.

In a follow-up scene, Halle is in the mountains and flawlessly nails a guitar riff. As Halle is the only person in the video, she offers a simple reminder that she, alone, is enough to change her lover’s life.

You can see the video for “In Your Hands” above.