Haroshi and James Jean Collaborate on New Print via Avant Arte


James Jean doesn’t typically collaborate with other artists. Haroshi, well-known for his recycled skate deck figures, was a notable exception. The two first got acquainted online as they spotted similar motifs within each other’s work, namely, the exploration of traditional Japanese woodworking. The Taiwanese-American artist recently took to Instagram to announce a new collaborative print between the two, entitled Trespassers.

Produced by Avant Arte, the artwork prominently features Jean’s Woodcutter character in the center as it stands on a felled skate deck and one of Haroshi’s GUZO characters in its arms. “It’s uncertain whether he stole or rescued a much coveted GUZO,” mused Jean via Instagram, “but what is clear is that he is a trespasser, and he has an expression of defiance as he pushes his way through a passage less travelled.”

Hidden within the print are a number of notable details, including Haroshi’s mythic faces within the bearings of the deck, as well as metallic foil to finish the artwork, such as an emblem for each artist above his signature. “For me, this collaboration represents fearlessly venturing into places where I feel I don’t belong,” Jean added.

After a three-year process, Trespassers will be available to purchase via Avant Arte in two options: unframed for $665 USD and framed for $876 USD. For those looking to purhcase, the print is an edition of 200 and will be made available only by draw, which concludes on Thursday, July 20, at 6am PT.

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