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Hazeline Taffe Inspires, Heals & Empowers With New Album The Holy Awakening

Hazeline Taffe keeps inspiring, healing and empowering her ever-growing audience through her newly released album,  The Holy Awakening. While the world is facing some of the most uncertain times in recent history, Hazeline Taffe is like an angel on earth, reminding everyone of the crucial importance of kindness, faith, courage and love. 

Through ten wonderful songs, she puts God back at the very core of our lives, her way of making this world a better place. Hazeline Taffe’s unique vocal texture helps her messages enter the deepest part of our souls. She has surpassed all expectations with this new LP, following-up to her previously released album, Humanitarian Change and Finally, both dropped in 2018. It took her three years to record, create and polish these ten gorgeous songs, a timeless collection set to help humanity get back on track, sparking our realization for gratitude and love in a brilliant manner. 

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