Heinz Ketchup Tweet Allows Customers To Vote On “Mayochup” Release

It appears as if I am the only person on the planet who dislike both mayonnaise and ketchup. Condiment lovers around the globe have been adding the two sauces to their burgers, fries, onion rings, and sandwiches for years. At some point in time, someone decided to mix the two condiments together to create the rose gold of sauces, the pink colored Mayochup concoction. In several cultures across the globe, the mix of ketchup and mayo already come mixed together in convenient squirt bottles, but now Heinz is deciding to make the combination a more commercialized product. 

The Heinz company took to Twitter to ask fans to vote on whether or not they should bring the popular mixture to store shelves. They wrote that, “500,000 votes for ‘yes'” would place the product in the hands of hungry condiment lovers. It appears that they underestimated the love for Mayochup, because they received over 700,000 “yes” votes two days before the polling is scheduled to end. 

Although Heinz has yet to release an official launch date for the product, fans of the ketchup and mayo mixture can expect to see the Mayochup on their grocery store shelves relatively soon with that kind of support behind it. 

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