Hell Rell JUMPED While Eating Dinner with His Family

Hell Rell was jumped while eating dinner with his family and the whole thing was caught on video.

In the clip, three men can be seen approaching Rells table at the restaurant. The men yell at Rell briefly before the first man starts swinging. Rell falls out his chair and manages to slide across the floor and get to his feet so that he can run away. His family had already managed to make their way away from the fight.

The video didnt play well among fans who had crafted a street tough image Hell Rell.

D*m homiee you looking bad in the streets. Remember you talk that street s**t 24/7 blame your self. Talk too much s**t. And your mad p**sy, my guy, wrote Instagram user @good_vibes_life12.

Others went looking for Hell Rells backup, commenting on Camrons Instagram and asking him to have Hell Rells back.

Whatever you do, dont end that s**t without seeing if Hell Rell is good. Dont just leave him hanging out to dry like that, b. I know n**gas get snuffed everyday, but got d*mn. That was Mr. Eat a box bullets. The first time we saw footage, I was like nah, he was just a little slizzered f the sizzurp. But this one look crazy, bruh. No funny s**t. Son went from Hell Boy to Hell Berg. N**gas got the green light on him, wrote Instagram user @jayda_cruize.

Others took the opportunity to point out a time that Camron made use his toes before his fists.

He ran like you did with Jimmy, wrote user @hjfgihvcc.