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Henry Lucas Stuns On ‘Woke Bae’

Born in Burnaby, BC, Canada, Henry Lucas Corbet started his musical journey at a young age learning to play instruments such as piano, cello, and guitar. Now he has finally released a truly emotional single ‘Woke Bae’ and it’s a must-listen.

Henry Lucas brings to stage something truly valuable. Hakeem is talented in more ways than one: he’s got the style, voice, artistism, and most importantly the class and sense of good music.

‘Woke Bae’ is absolutely sensitive, it awakens an array of emotions so wide & deep, you just keep it on repeat. It’s q song about unconditional love, the type where you give your everything and expect nothing in return. It’s like a rainbow after the rain and the kind that feels like a miracle.
By short, ‘Woke Bae’ will make you feel in love, even if you’re not!

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