Here’s What Happened When Justin Bieber Surprised Fans in David Dobrik’s Car

Justin Bieber is ready for #Bieber2020, and he wants to make sure fans are too. So what better way to let the Beliebers speak than in front of the Biebs himself?

Bieber teamed up with YouTube star David Dobrik to surprise fans in a car, where he sat in the back seat as Dobrik asked unassuming passengers their thoughts on JB. "I will always have a special spot in my heart for him," said one of the first riders.

That was the general consensus among women and men who were surprised by Bieber, but the reactions to him actually being in the car were even better ("I'm actually going to s–t myself right now," said another fan). Perhaps the fan who was the most caught off guard was the final passenger, who got real honest about his opinion.

"Oh my God, love him, but 'Yummy' is just like, not it," said the last fan. "It's not that good."

All in good fun, Bieber jumped out from behind and joked, "I'm going to kill you!" Bieber was all smiles as the fan then proceeded to jam to "Yummy," which was followed by the Biebs himself starting a sing-along with excited fans upon getting out of Dobrik's car. Even if "Yummy" is "not it" to some, it seems most people are stoked for Bieber's return.

Watch Bieber surprise fans in the video below (the Bieber segment begins at 1:35).