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Hip-Hop Artist LIL MC Spits Fire On ‘Young Blood’

Lil MC is a Bay Area battle rapper and recording artist who dropped her first solo album, ‘Prey for Gods’ on July 14, 2017. Her album was produced and recorded at J7 studios.

Now, Lil MC sticks with her game plan and releases “Young Blood”, her latest work so far. The San Francisco based hip-hop artist is clearly at the top of her game these days, and we could easily forget her young age and the amount of work she put in to get where she is today. “Young Blood” is a heavy track in which LIl MC drops her revealing verses and delivers her messages in the rawest form we’ve seen so far coming from this gifted urban artist.

“Young Blood” cements the rise of one of the most promising rappers of her generation, and sets the perfect stage for what’s coming next!

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