Hip Hop OG Admits to Alcoholism and Depression

During an interview with The Guardian, DMC was brutally honest about his drug addictions. “For most of my early life, I smoked and snorted and guzzled my way through almost every day,” he revealed.

The 53-year-old held nothing back, as he talked about the “cutthroat, disrespectful” music industry and how he coped with it all.

“Ten Ways Not to Commit Suicide”

Hip Hop OG Admits to Alcoholism and Depression

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“If your soul is not right with what you’re doing, you will fall apart, like I did,” Darryl “DMC” McDaniels wrote in his book, Ten Ways Not to Commit Suicide.

He then commented on the music industry itself, telling The Guardian, “Music is a cutthroat, disrespectful, low-life, motherfucking, crab-ass, lyin’, deceivin’, stab-you-in-the-back type of business, and that’s just the good part of it!”

Alongside Joe “Run” Simmons and Jam Master Jay, DMC dominated the “stab-you-in-the-back type of business.” During his chat with The Guardian, the artist remembered his group being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (only the second hip-hop group to achieve such an honor).

“That’s crazy,” he said. “Busta Rhymes said, ‘Run-DMC didn’t change music, they changed everything.’”


Hip Hop OG Admits to Alcoholism and Depression

Credit: Scott Gries/ImageDirect

However, things went down hill after Tougher Than Leather was released. DMC was diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia, which causes larynx spasms during speech.

The rapper revealed that his experience with spasmodic dysphonia led him to contemplate suicide a lot. More than that, it put a strain on everything happening around him.

According to DMC, his personal and business relationships with Russell Simmons, DJ Jason and Run suffered afterwards.


Hip Hop OG Admits to Alcoholism and Depression

Credit: Scott Gries/ImageDirect

“His childhood friendship with Run degenerated into a dysfunctional business relationship. DMC felt hustled by Run’s pastor E Bernard Jordan. By 1997, he ‘avoided Run like a virus,’” reported The Guardian.

‘In Japan later that year, hawking remixes (one of which, Jason Nevins’s take on It’s Like That, was nevertheless an international smash, selling 5m copies), DMC ‘felt used, pimped and dirty … Milk this cow till there’s powdered music coming out the udders.’

When Ice-T asked Run how it was being top of the rap game, Run famously recalled an epiphany on excess – consuming the best of everything: presidential suites, women and drugs: “The ho’s knocking at the door. Rolling Stone’s behind the ho … I’m fuckin’ out of control.” DMC demurs: ‘I was never on it like him … Run and Jay smoked more weed than a Rastafarian God could grow.’”


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