Hotboy Shaq – My Time (Album)

D9019D7A-94C7-43C0-8F90-D5AC411889C8 Hotboy Shaq - My Time (Album)

In the midst of 2020, North Carolina has become a melting pot for some of the hottest new rap acts, including Hotboy Shaq. Building his rap career in the trenches of Charlotte, Hotboy Shaq is no stranger to the ambition needed to build a musical empire.

Newly signed to Social Currency Enterprises, HotBoy Shaq released “My Time” an 11 track album featuring some of the hottest rappers such as Boosie Bad Azz who’s boastful personality on the leading single “We Outside”, showcases Shaq’s ability to collaborate with fellow rappers to create music for everyone to enjoy.

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