"I Never Do S**t Like This" Young M.A. Begs Jhené Aiko to Collab With Her

Young M.A. is a student Wayne Gretsky (Or maybe Michael Scott?). She knows you miss 100% the shots you don’t take. So, she’s trying to get a Jhené Aiko collab in the most public way possible: by reaching out the the singer over Instagram in the hopes that she’ll see it.

“Yo Jhené Aiko, I made my team reach out to you. I wanna work with you,” she said in an Instagram video. “I’m saying, I never do s**t like this. I love your sound. I love your vibe. I love your swag. I wanna work with you. I got this record and I can just hear you on it, man. By the way, I love this song too. Word up. So, let’s get it.”

She also put out a call for her fans to tell her who she should work with next. You know, in case Jhené is on a social media cleanse.