Ice Spice Previews Music Video For Upcoming Single

Ice Spice is looking to kick off her 2024 in a big way, it seems. Recently, she took to social media to tease a music video or other promotional visual for an upcoming single, which presumably contains the infamous “fart” bar that the Internet went wild over earlier in the week. Moreover, the Bronx rapper was arguably 2023’s shining star when it comes to hip-hop, and it’s no surprise that she wants to heat things up even more this year. Of course, there’s no release information or anything like that yet, but there’s still a lot of anticipation and excitement for this single. After all, we got so much from the 24-year-old in the last 12 months that a two-month break feels like a two-year one.

Still, these new visuals aren’t just hinting at that, as no promo is safe from beef rumors that plague rap discussion. This time around, the speculative conversation is around Ice Spice and Latto, as many believe that the two have a feud going on. However, what’s funny is that the instances of “evidence” that people point to could just as easily be an attack as it could be a co-sign. For example, when the Atlanta artist recently previewed a snippet, she played Spice’s “Pretty Girl” music video on a TV in the background as she raps, “I just want a one-on-one, don’t know why she so nervous.” We’ll let you be the judge.

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Ice Spice Teases New Visuals: Watch

Elsewhere, though, the “Bikini Bottom” MC is building many more bridges in the game than the ones she’s allegedly burning. Playboi Carti recently shouted her out on his new single “BACKR00MS” featuring Travis Scott, another highly anticipated artist poised to dominate the year. Ice Spice actually shouted the song out online, giving her blessing and provoking God’s wrath by making a Carti and Spice collab a possibility in fans’ heads. The Lord will never forgive us for this, the Gen Z-est temptation in music these days.

Meanwhile, we actually wouldn’t be surprised if RiotUSA’s dynamic duo partner takes it easy these days. She just celebrated her birthday, and might want to just enjoy life right now. So whenever these visuals for this song drop, we’ll know that Ice Spice is ready to play. For more news and the latest updates on her, stay posted on HNHH.

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