Icewear Vezzo Proves He Never Switched Up On New Single “Perfect”

Icewear Vezzo hasn’t slowed down one bit. At a time when Detroit, and Michigan as a whole, has permeated the sound of hip-hop music, Icewear Vezzo’s emerged at the forefront of the Midwest rap scene. His distinctly nasally rasp and the realism of his bars turned him into a voice for hustlers across the world. It’s not hard to see why Quality Control took a liking to him and eventually, inked him to a deal. 

His prolific output over the years has been just as motivational as the lifestyle he raps about. So far, this year hasn’t seen Vezzo unleash a full-length body of work to follow up 2022’s Paint The City with DJ Drama. However, he continues to maintain a steady presence with a string of releases and features – a strong indication that he’s warming up for something big. Since the beginning of the year, he’s unleashed a handful of singles including “Back On The Road,” “Love In The City,” and now, “Perfect,” which he debuts on HotNewHipHop as part of Flight Club Fridays.

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Icewear Vezzo’s Strives For Perfection On New Single

The live performance series brings Icewear Vezzo to the fold to debut his new single, “Perfect.” Comfortably laid back, he exudes confidence as he details the lifestyle he’s worked hard for. He reflects on his past and embraces the hardships he faced as a catalyst to who he’s become. Of course, the inspirational message behind the record is stamped by his wordplay and ability to expertly weave pop cultural references, whether Snowfall, BMF or the Toronto Raptors, through his laidback flow. “Perfect” marks another excellent entry in Icewear Vezzo’s catalog and has us excited to hear what he has up his sleeve before the end of the year.

Flight Club launched Flight Club Fridays back in 2019. They’ve dedicated the fourth installment of the series to celebrate hip-hop’s 50th anniversary with a string of highly celebrated MCs. Icewear Vezzo joins Saweetie, Maxo Kream, and Young Nudy in bringing excellent live performances to Flight Club Fridays. Check out Icewear Vezzo’s new single above. 

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Quotable Lyrics
Like a pic when I get dressed, when I go out, I like to throw on Saint
Run that paper up, I can’t go out like Jerome Saint
Valet park the car, I’m too lit, I can’t even go on dates
Turn into a star, you the shit, bitch, you got all it takes