Ike Releases Exciting And Impactful Track – “Trunks”

Ike is an emerging rapper who has been getting massive attention lately, thanks to his latest release, a music video for the single “Trunks.” He surely brings his own flavor to the game, and has a strong tendency to create music that addresses the imagination and the feel-good vibe we all want to hear. 

From Lil Wayne to Drake and Kendrick Lamar, these rap gods have all participated in influencing Ike’s signature sound on some level. 

Filled with spaces and atmospheric vocals with some autotuning involved, “Trunks” is not only a song that mixes  rap, trap, and pop, but also one we can easily move along to. This exciting drop is both impactful and fun, so stay tuned for Ike’s upcoming tracks set to drop in the upcoming months.  

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