Image Comics Teases New Series That Is "Breaking Bad" Meets "Star Wars"

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Image Comics is bringing us a new series that is supposedly a cross-section between “Breaking Bad” and “Star Wars.” The new science fiction fantasy Tartarus is set for a digital and print release on February 12, 2020, but the publisher has given us some insight into the new literature. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the storyline follows Tilde, “a cadet framed for crimes against the empire” who is searching for answers and finds out that her mom was a significant figure in the colony of Tartarus, during a galactic war that took place long ago.

Image Comics Teases New Series That Is "Breaking Bad" Meets "Star Wars"
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Johnnie Christmas and Jack T. Cole are the creative team behind Tartarus. Christmas says, “Jack and I wanted to build a world steeped in all the great sci-fi we love from Star Wars to Blade Runner and great drama from Breaking Bad to the Odyssey.” He goes on saying, “We got to cooking up this ambitious idea of mixing sci-fi, Greek mythology, starships, alchemy, intergalactic dating apps all into a big pot and made what became Tartarus.” That combination seems like an interesting recipe for a narrative of any kind, but definitely a comic back.

Jack T. Cole adds, “There is mysticism next to technology, ancient architecture carved into brutalist complexes, and outfits inspired by everything from Napoleonic uniforms to high fashion.” Cole continues saying, “Our hope is to create a rich sense of world that will draw readers in and compliment the scenes of visceral action, adventure, and mayhem.” A mix between “Breaking Bad” and “Star Wars?” Sounds like there’s potential for adventure and mayhem for real.

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