#ImDone: Toya Wright and Reginae Carter Quit 'GUHHH' in Epic Twitter Rant

Toya Wright and Reginae Carter have absolutely had it with Growing Up Hip Hop. The mother-daughter reality duo have apparently never peeped a reality show before they went and got themselves on one, because they are mad that the show used deceptive edits to portray a greater conflict than actually exists.

The pair went f on social media after the most recent episode GUHH aired. Reginae took fense at the ways she was portrayed and Toya went full Mama Bear in front all Twitter.

Reginae and Brandon beefed on the show, settling it before the episode ended. However, she resented the way she was presented by the show’s editors and vowed not to return for the show’s next season.

“It didn’t go like this,” Reginae wrote on Twitter. “This will be my last season.”

Toya jumped in and doubled down.

“I’m sick y’all making my baby look like a f**king Brat!” she began. “This is not what happened at this dinner. I’m so sick this s**t. I was giving y’all a chance to get it right. Enough is enough!”

She said that the editors were splicing in old interviews to give an incorrect framing for the drama between Reginae and Brandon.

“Then y’all using old interviews. I’m so over it,” she said. “I put up with the BS last season. I refuse to let y’all play me and my child like I raised a direspectful sic] brat. The editing on this show is f**king ridiculous. Enough is enough. Please don’t call us next season.”

“Please don’t call us to come back. We done!” she ended her rant.