Indie-Rock Newcomers Larkins Break Down Their Electric New EP ‘Hit and Run’

After Manchester-based rockers Larkins released their EP, TV Dream, in 2019, the group released three other tracks that took their indie-rock sound to the next level. Those three songs — "Make You Better," "Pieces" and "Flood" — are now part of Larkins' latest EP, Hit and Run, which arrived today (Feb. 14).

The EP's title is the same name as the new track that joins the three 2019 releases on the new project, with "Hit an Run" kicking off the four-song track list. Though that means there's technically one song on the EP that has not been heard before 2020, the Larkins guys (lead singer Josh Noble, guitarist Dom Want, bassist Henry Beach and drummer Joe Gaskell) are giving fans a deeper look into each track on Hit and Run by sharing their backstories with Billboard.

Larkins will make their North American debut in March, headlining shows in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles before heading back to their native UK for a stretch of shows in April.

Check out Larkins' latest EP, Hit and Run, and the inspiration behind each track from the guys themselves below.

"This was a track that Josh wrote and produced with the crazy talented Dan Nigro, we also flew out to LA to get it recorded with him. It’s a high energy track that captures us doing what we do best. Big synths, big bass lines and a huge vocal. Super Duran Duran." — Henry

"Make You Better"
"The most personal track we’ve ever released. Another track that we recorded out in LA with Dan Nigro. All about searching for time and attempting to delay the inevitable. I love that we were brave enough to drop this. Loved delving into production for the first time with Dan." — Josh

"This is a track that’s been a constant in our live set for a long time. It was recorded and produced by Chris Zane at his studio in Brixton where we usually work from. It was cool for us to release a song now that we remember being written in the front room of Josh’s parents house years ago and see people take to it in such a strong way. I get to go hard on this track, loads of 60s/70s rock influences." — Joe 

"Hit and Run"
"A track that we're approaching as the band we are now rather than when we wrote it. This was originally the first single we ever released. It’s always been a favourite from the live shows but we knew that when we recorded it years ago we didn’t do it justice. We took it back to basics in the studio with Mark Crew. Feel like we’ve been searching for that Foals vibe for years, hopefully we got it right this time around." — Dom