Instagram Gallery: India Love’s Hottest Looks

When it comes to social media thirst traps, India Love’s (full name India Love Westbrook) seat at the top of the thot throne is challenged only by scammer and clout-chaser Celina Powell. First gaining popularity over uploads aimed at promoting her assets, (think T&A) the Instagram star soon ascended to the realm of reality TV stardom seemingly overnight as she became the breakout star of BET’s attempt at capitalizing on the Kardashian craze. Fashioning a series eerily similar to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Meet The Westbrooks centers around five sisters dedicated to building an empire built from the foundation of their viral popularity. Undoubtedly the most famous and notable member of the bunch, Love became a bonafide model and hip-hop groupie soon after her name and selfie recognition first trickled into the mainstream. 

Linked to industry titans like Drake, The Game, and Rick Ross, Love clearly has no shame about using her perfectly-toned body to bag rappers to elevate her profile. Shameless in her self-promotion, Love even recently dipped into the rap game with her debut single “Loco,” a track filled with childish, embarrassing bars like “I ball hard like ESPN/I act like I’m a thespian/walk like a pedestrian/Hold on, gold on/I walk like an Egyptian,” that drove the Twitterverse wild. 

Unapologetic over her claim to fame, Love will be the first to shut haters down by stating that she’s sexy and she KNOWS it. “I’m actually happy of what God blessed me with, this image that I have,” she said during a sit-down with XXL. “And I love to flaunt it. I think it’s a blessing.”

Peep some of her hottest looks below.


Captioning this bathing suit pic with a simple “MOOD” statement, it’s clear that Love was DEFINITELY feeling herself in this ocean-view shot. 


Just like every other Instagram model, Love is eager to show off her Supreme collection. Flexing in a skin-tight, low cut dress, Love crowns herself a “Supreme babe.” 

Happy Birthday

True to form, Love chose to tease her 21st birthday with a water shot of her thong bathing suit, ass out and eyes closed.  

Side Boob

Is an Instagram thot REALLY an Instagram thot if she doesn’t show off some side boob in her pics? According to India Love, the answer is a firm “No.” 

Drop It Low

Putting her hip flexor time in the gym on full display, Love dropped it low to show off her sexy side profile. 

Beach Body

In a promo for a Fashion Nova swimsuit, Love puts her impossibly-toned bod on full display, letting her followers know that she always stays beach-ready. 

India Rabbit

Giving off some serious Jessica Rabbit vibes, Love flexes in a low-cut red dress and long gloves in this pic captioned “attitude rabbit.” 

Mirror Shot

Flexing her chest, Love stopped in front of a mirror to share this lingerie look with her 3.5 million followers. 

Backless Bra

Disguised as a promo post for the Sneaky Vaunt push-up bra, love does everything but free the nipple to show her admirers exactly how she maintains her perpetually perky rack.  


There’s no confusing EXACTLY where Love wants her viewers eyes to fall on this steamy poolside Instagram snap.

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