Is Drake Still A Part Of Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival Lawsuits?

Travis Scott may have made a tremendous comeback in 2023 that continues to this day, but he still faces the fallout of his disastrous 2021 Astroworld Festival in the form of hundreds of lawsuits that have yet to be tried. While they’ll be combined into one case for any eventual trial, one of his co-defendants wants out before the case ever gets that far.

According to Rolling Stone, Drake, who was a named as a defendant along with Apple, Scott, and Live Nation, filed a motion in Houston last week to have himself dismissed from litigation. His lawyers argued that Drake himself had no involvement in the planning of the festival and was therefore unaware of the safety concerns that prompted the lawsuits after 10 concertgoers died as a result of injuries sustained during a crowd crush during Drake and Travis’ set. Hundreds more were injured, hence the proliferation of lawsuits against the festival’s organizers.

“[Drake] did not receive any security briefings, was not informed of any crowd control issues, injuries or deaths in the crowd, or any stop show orders at any time either before or during his 14-minute performance,” the filing reads. In fact, his only involvement was showing up, performing for “approximately 14 minutes” and returning backstage.

Basically, the argument is that although the injuries occurred during his appearance as the crowd pressed forward, he couldn’t tell from onstage and because he had no hand in the planning, he shouldn’t bear liability for any lack of security that allowed to crowd crush to occur. There haven’t been any updates on the case yet, but Drake will likely be relieved to have one less legal issue on his hands.