Is Gunna Still Signed To YSL Records?


In December 2022, Gunna “entered a negotiated plea, known as an Alford plea, in which a defendant doesn’t admit he committed the crime but acknowledges that it is in his best interest to plead guilty,” as initially reported by WSB-TV. Gunna and Young Thug had been among 28 YSL members arrested in May 2022 and charged with in a 56-count grand injury indictment, including Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations (RICO) allegations. Gunna’s decision to take a plea deal sparked scrutiny with many calling Gunna a “snitch,” especially considering Young Thug is facing nine charges in the ongoing YSL RICO trial.

Is Gunna Still Signed To YSL Records?

On Wednesday, June 26, a video shared by Complex showed Gunna reiterating his loyalty to YSL.

“I’m still signed to YSL,” he said. “I’m still providing. We still pushin’. No paperwork has been changed. So, it’s like, whatever’s been getting and how we’ve been pushin’ this sh*t, it’s still going.”

It’s unclear when the video was shot and for whom, but Gunna expressed a similar sentiment about Young Thug for his XXL Magazine cover story in April: “It’s the same. It’s love, always. Our relationship is our relationship.”

Earlier this month, Jeffrey Williams Sr., Young Thug’s father, was dancing front row at Gunna’s The Bittersweet Tour finale at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Williams Sr. has been an ardent defender of Gunna.