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It Was Written: Kelis Reveals Lucrative Income In Nas Child Support Case

Kelis, who recently accused Nas of domestic abuse, has revealed her financial records in her ongoing child support dispute with her ex-husband. According to The Blast, court documents say she made close to $1 million last year and has just under $700,000 in the bank.

In her income declaration, Kelis noted she has $691,153.22 in the bank and $1,374,000 worth of property. In 2017, her entertaining company had a net income of $463,809 while her food business Feast Enterprises netted her $31,000. Last year, music royalties earned her $9,000.

Kelis says her monthly expenses come to a total of $25,319. This includes $5,726 for her mortgage and $4,500 on child care.

The creator of the hit single “Milkshake” is seeking an $8,000 increase in child support from Nas for their 8-year-old son Knight.

Nas reportedly makes $175,000 per month and has more than $8.3 million in his bank account. His monthly expenses were listed at $76,834.04.

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