IzzeYe Drops New Music Video for "It's Okay"

IzzeYe is a name you may want to keep tabs on from here on out. With a steadily growing buzz and a distinct new sound, IzzeYe is getting ready to make some major waves in the hip-hop world. Born RaShaan Perkins, IzzeYe is a rapper who represents Chester, Pennsylvania. Although he grew up playing different sports, music was something that the rising star gravitated towards throughout his youth.

Performing and marketing himself by the age 14, he was inspired by local legends such as Joey Jihad, Quilly Millz, Reed Dollaz, and Meek Mill. He also draws influence from older generations soul music, citing Curtis Mayfield as one the artists he looked up to. IzzeYe calls his genre “trap funk”, describing it as rap, but with a groovy and funky flavor. Now, he’s dropping a new video that’s sure to shake up the scene.