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J Balvin and Bad Bunny Unveil Epic Live Version Of ‘Un Peso’ Featuring Marciano Cantero: Watch

J Balvin and Bad Bunny have released a live version of their song “Un Peso” with Marciano Cantero (the vocalist of Enanitos Verdes) as of Thursday (Aug .29).

“Un Peso” seems to be the continuation of Verdes’ hit “Lamento Bolino,” which is about a woman who left her man alone very drunk — and crazy about her. Its chorus includes the catchy phrase “y mi corazon idiota siempre brillará” (and my idiot heart will always shine).

Now, J Balvin and Bad Bunny’s "Un Peso" reverses the phrase to “tu corazon idiota siempre me extrañará” (your idiot heart will always miss me) because after many years of lamenting, they have moved on. The song appears on their debut collab album Oasis, which was released as a surprise in June.

Watch J Balvin and Bad Bunny’s “Un Peso” live video featuring Marciano Cantero below.

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