J.I.D. Performs “Surround Sound” On Jimmy Fallon, Speaks On Major TV Appearance

J.I.D continues to check off items from his bucket list, and his latest accomplishment is nothing short of a milestone. An appearance on primetime news. The rapper recently took to Instagram to share his excitement about the surreal experience, expressing gratitude and a sense of humility. In a video posted on Tuesday, January 9, J.I.D. showcased snippets of his interview on ABC News. The Dreamville artist, visibly moved by the accomplishment, captioned the post with a reflection on his journey: “Bruh we made @abcnews 11 old year old J.I.D. never even dreamed of this!! We humbled and was nervous af, but thankful.”

During the ABC News interview, J.I.D. delved into various aspects of his life and career. He touched upon the recent success of his viral hit “Surround Sound,” shedding light on the inspiration behind the track that resonated with audiences. The rapper also opened up about his college football career, offering insights into his life before the music industry took center stage. Excitingly, J.I.D. hinted at upcoming projects in the interview, promising fans more music on the horizon. He specifically mentioned the eagerly anticipated joint album with the super-producer Metro Boomin, referred to as the “Metro project.”

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JID On His Viral Moment

As fans eagerly await this collaboration, J.I.D.’s diverse talents and collaborations continue to elevate his standing in the hip-hop scene. In a surprising twist, the 33-year-old artist revealed another facet of his creativity – a venture into children’s literature. J.I.D. shared his plans to write a children’s book titled “Astrid the Ostrich, an African Bird.” The rapper described the project as an exploration of emotions that children commonly experience, infused with his unique perspective.

With enthusiasm, he assured his followers that the book, although still a work in progress, would be nothing short of cool. As J.I.D. expands his creative horizons and achieves new milestones, fans can anticipate more surprises from the Dreamville rapper. From viral hits to joint albums and even literary endeavors, J.I.D.’s journey is evolving, leaving an indelible mark on the hip-hop landscape.

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