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J. Prince Issues Stern Warning To Anyone Using His Brand On Narcotics

J. Prince hits anyone looking to slander his good name with a veiled threat – police or otherwise.

J. Prince has developed , but never crossed. The mogul behind Rap-A-Lot records, a, J-Prince has earned his stripes and then some. Yet every so often, there are some who throw caution to the wind and allow their poor judgment to take over. Such was indeed the case in a recent drug-related fiasco, and as a result, J. Prince found himself roped into something illicit and potentially damaging to both his brand and his honor.

J. Prince Issues Stern Warning To Anyone Using His Brand On Narcotics

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

The exhibit in question: a narcotic pill imprinted with the Rap-A-Lot insignia. In response, Prince took to Instagram to address the foul play, issuing a stern warning and veiled threat to anyone daring to mess with the integrity of his name. “All of my adulthood life I had to avoid being set up by law enforcement and the streets. I vowed with an oath to God in my early 20’s to never contribute to this aspect of the game anymore in my lifetime,” he writes. “So, you can only imagine how I’m feeling about this violation that’s taking place in the streets of Houston with my brand @rapalotrecords on narcotic pills.”

“I need to know if the police or the streets are behind this, because it’s a violation,” he continues, letting the people know where he stands. “If you are caught making, selling or using narcotics with my branding illegally imprinted on them, you’re in violation and will have bigger problems than just the police. Let the search begin Mob Ties family and friends, get at me with information!” Clearly, running afoul of J. Prince is not entirely wise, no matter which side of the fence one might stand. 

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