Ja Rule Is Tired Of Fyre Festival Trolls Coming At Him

Ja Rule still can’t live down the failure of Fyre Festival.

 . His involvement, and o, has made him a target on Twitter for trolls and jokes. Add to that the residual effects of the and feuds, Ja Rule’s immuned to take a few blows from trolls… or is he?

Ja Rule Is Tired Of Fyre Festival Trolls Coming At Him
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

It appears that the trolls have finally crawled their way underneath Ja Rule’s skin. Although he’s managed to brush off them off over past few years since the festival went viral, the Twittersphere’s harmless puns have made him put out a PSA halting to any future jokes. Ja went to the XFL launch this past weekend, later showing his support on Twitter, but all he was met with 

“Let me let all you fucking clowns know something it’s all cool wit the Fyre jokes but there ain’t no fucking sucker over here… BE CLEAR!!! FOH,” Ja Rule tweeted at sports reporter, Benjamin Allbright.

TJ Carpenter’s small jab also prompted a pretty forward response from Ja Rule. “Watch your mouth before you get parked punk… keep playing with me I’m a get to slapping earth wind and FYRE out you clowns!!!” Ja wrote on Twitter.

Despite the jokes, Ja Rule  

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