Jacquard Looms – BITE [Video]

Genre bending trio Jacquard Looms are haunted by the night on the savagely delicate cut ‘BITE’. Wedged somewhere between emo trap and ambient hip hop, this sinister and cinematic cut shows the obvious skill and artistry of the London trio, whose nocturnal, besieged visions shine through on the arduous and inventive single. 

The beat is deliciously atmospheric, with wailing guitars groaning, distorted, amidst the hypnotic synth soundscape. The sub, full bodied bass and the trippy drums work well, and the production is very sharp and immediate. Each member of the trio impresses with individualistic performance and lyrics, tackling the nightmarish themes with acumen and perspective. The Spanish language hook is catching and immersive, and the two verses are strong, with King Krule inspired delivery and vocal connotations. The sustained guitars that bring the track to a close are ambient and effective. The video, which is self-directed, accompanies the song productively, with the ominous, trippy and beautiful black and white visual showcasing the thematic depth of the visionary track. 

Striking and thoughtful, dark and textured, this is the work of an exciting collective. I look forward to seeing their next artistic direction. 

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