Jadakiss Still Follows Biggie’s Advice: Stay Hungry & "Never Take No Days Off"

Jadakiss was a new artist with The Lox when he first worked with Biggie, and over 20 years later he keeps those studio sessions and words of wisdom close to his heart.

Although he’s hailed as a rap icon, the late Biggie Smalls only has two albums under his belt. The slain rapper lost his life to a drive-by shooting back in 1997, and his family, friends, and loved ones are left to speculate a life and career that could have been. On his second and final album, Life After Death, to deliver the classic track “Last Day.” Over the years, member has shared stories about his times with Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace, and he recently bestowed a few more memories with People’s Party with .

“We would just go inside his session and pick his brain,” Jadakiss recalled. “Ask him mad questions, just ask him about all type of sh*t. Ask him what was he thinking when he wrote certain verses. Ask him what to expect. He told us Puff was gonna do a lotta things we didn’t like, but he was gon’ make us stars. That was actually a reality.”

Jadakiss added that Biggie was a “He had big plans for us working together,” the rapper added. “As you can see, we was one of the only rare features on the Life After Death project. Wasn’t too many. For us to be young, new artists, to be on that album was a big thing for us.”

Biggie told Jadakiss, , and to always be hungry in the rap game and to “never take no days off.” Jadakiss also said that after Big performed at the Apollo Theater with and Junior M.A.F.I.A., the late rapper told him that he needed that show because he only had $200 to his name.

“That’s one thing I might do. Sh*t come across the table that other artists might not do and if it ain’t too much going on, Imma take it,” Jadakiss said. “.” Check out the clip of Jadakiss talking with People’s Party with Talib Kweli below about being in the studio as Notorious B.I.G. recorded his classic and final album Life After Death.

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