Jake Gyllenhaal And The ‘SNL’ Cast Said Goodbye To Season 49 In Pure ’90s R&B Fashion

49 is big number. Tonight (May 18), Saturday Night Live closed out its 49th season with a bang. Though finishing 49 seasons is a huge milestone, tonight’s host Jake Gyllenhaal was seemingly hoping to be in the running to host the premiere of season 50, which will take place later this year.

But of course, Gyllenhaal was determined to make this finale special. Near the end of his opening monologue, Gyllenhaal broke out into song — a special rework of Boyz II Men‘s ’90s classic, “End Of The Road.”

During his cover, Gyllenhaal surprised the audience with his pipes, delivering strong vocals as he hilariously jokes that Pedro Pascal and Ryan Gosling were asked to host this episode before him (even though they have both previously hosted this past season).

While Gyllenhaal was captivating the audience with his singing, a few of the cast members elevated the performance.

Punkie Johnson, Ego Nwodim, Kenan Thompson, and Devon Walker joined in, giving the song additional harmonies, taking it to the next level.

Although a hosting slot for the season 50 premiere of SNL is highly coveted, the quality of this opening monologue is going to be hard to match.

You can watch Gyllenhaal’s full opening monologue above.