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Jalen Ramsey Injury Issues Revealed Amidst Jaguars Trade Rumors

The Jaguars have a lot going on right now.

After falling 0-2 after their first two games, superstar cornerback Jalen Ramsey made it be known that . Ramsey has been one of the best defensive players in the league although  and wants to continue his career somewhere else. At first, it seemed like the Jaguars would acquiesce to his demands but now, they have no plans to trade him. As soon as this information went public,  and wasn’t available for practice on Monday.

Thanks to a report from Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, it seems like Ramsey’s issues are deeper than the flu. While he is reporting to the team’s facility this week, he hasn’t been participating in practices as he has injuries to his lower back and hamstring. With this in mind, it seems more and more unlike that he’ll play against the Denver Broncos on Saturday.

Ramsey’s injuries come at a convenient time for the star as now he doesn’t have to worry about suiting up for a team he feels disrespected by. It doesn’t seem like the Jaguars are ready to part ways with him right now which is a bit problematic for both sides. 

It will be interesting to see how quickly Ramsey is able to come back and whether or not he’ll be 100 percent willing to suit up for the franchise.

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