Jamie Foxx Loves "Full-Figured Women In Power" Says Former Flame Hope Flood

The comedian shared memories of her days with the actor.

Comedian Hope Flood has been in the entertainment industry for decades. She may not be a household name, but in comedy circles, she’s a respected performer with credits that include Def Comedy Jam and  Comic View. She’s shared stages with some of our favorite funny stars, but lately, Hope has been chatting about the beds she’s been sharing, as well.

For the second time in a month, Hope talked about her previous relationship with good friend . The two began their friendship when  and Hope shared that she used to let him perform at her venue in Los Angeles. “Yeah we had a big thing,” she said with a giggle. “Jamie is my boo. ‘Til this day we’re still very close. He’s an amazing, talented person and we just liked each other and it was very instrumental in his career at the time. He didn’t have any money. Nobody knew who he was. He was living in a one-room motel, didn’t even have a car or anything. We would put him on so many shows and it would help him a lot, but he was so funny and he was talented. And we just liked each other.”

She said that their chemistry was much like that of co-workers at an office who have feelings for one another. Things didn’t take a turn until they did a show together in Oakland. According to Hope, Jamie Foxx is a Texas boy who likes full-figured women. “At the time I was a nice size. And he likes women that are in power [and] at that time I had that room and I was running it. . at the time, and he likes that kind of stuff. He likes full-figured women, he loves women in power, he loves black women. It just all came together.”

Watch the clip of Hope Flood’s interview below to find out how Jamie Foxx developed his famous “Wanda” character from In Living Color at her venue.

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